Priyanka refuses to shed clothes for Karan

20 02 2008

 Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra has told Karan Johar that she will not wear a bikini for his next movie. Karan wanted the former Miss World to tone her body to perfection and wear a sizzling bikini in the movie Dostana. The scene was to be shot at the sex frilled Miami beach. The actress however declined the offer and said that she was not willing to take her clothes off for anyone.

Karan has signed in Priyanka to star alongside Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham in the movie. The film is expected to be a remake of a 70s classic. Priyanka is currently struggling with her figure and has put on a lot of weight. Recently there were rumours that Madhur Bhandarkar might drop her from the movie Fashion if she doesn’t tone up her body in time


Celeb grapevine

20 02 2008
Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008 15:13

Sir Paul and Heather battle on and Keira and Kylie in big in this week’s hottest celebrity stories.

In one of the most crucial slices of news to hit Tinseltown in recent months, the Hollywood writers voted to end their three-month strike this week, ending a hugely costly period of industrial action.

Movies and TV shows were cancelled, stars flip-flopped from project to project and with the 80th Academy awards lurching perilously close to suffering the same undignified press conference fate as the Golden Globes, Joan Rivers presumably grew intensely anxious at the thought of not being able to march brazenly up to celebrities on the red carpet and hassle them for information on their outfit.

But as one strike ends, the chance of another has arisen almost immediately. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has not yet begun talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) before their current contract expires on June 30th and, fearful of another strike, top Hollywood stars including George Clooney have urged the union to begin talks immediately.

Movie studios have expressed their willingness to begin negotiations, but the SAG representatives are remaining reticent for the time being.

Could there really be another strike? Time will tell…

Liam Gallagher had a rather excellent week without any clashes with the paparazzi or arguments with his brother.Then again, it’s clear how much the Oasis frontman has matured by his decision to get married to Nicole Appleton on Valentine’s Day after nearly eight years together. Though getting married in the same spot in which he wed first wife Patsy Kensit does seem an odd decision…

He had some professional success as well, after Definitely, Maybe and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? were voted the two best British albums of all time. However, the fact that the poll placed Keane’s Under the Iron Sea above Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon shows it shouldn’t be taken entirely seriously.

By her standards, it was a fairly quiet week for Britney Spears, though we did learn that she apparently ‘doesn’t want custody’ of her kids, while her father was given increased control of her estate – probably for the best.

Avril Lavigne decided to steer clear of the recent scandal about her low pay for backing dancers and stuck her oar into the Britney mess, saying she feels bad for the Toxic star, while a man claiming to be Britney’s lawyer says granting her family control of her assets is a ‘civil rights violation’, though he undermined his case more than a little by bizarrely commenting: “In downtown Los Angeles I’m surrounded by people talking to themselves and having fits on the street.”

Why is he hanging around with crazy people?

Keira Knightley and Kylie Minogue were the big winners at the Elle Style awards while Hollywood great Mel Gibson had a slightly different success after completing a probation order for drunk-driving.

And finally, in a story that’s managed to make the news all week despite there being… well, little actual news at all, the divorce battle between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills has rumbled on.

They arrived in court on Monday, with Heather’s father later saying she will leave the UK as soon as the case is completed.

However, there’s no telling when that will be, after the pair failed to reach a deal regarding a financial settlement, meaning that the judge ruling the case will now have the final say on the division of Sir Paul’s

Hollywood’s golden mystery man

20 02 2008

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 09:38:00 02/20/2008


HOLLYWOOD — The golden guy known to the world as the Oscar, the real star of Sunday’s Academy Awards, has become a Hollywood icon over the past 80 years, but the origin of his name is lost in time.

The venerable statuette, officially named the Academy Award of Merit, is the child of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which was created in 1927 as a small industry body to promote films.

Initially made up of 36 members with actor Douglas Fairbanks as its first president, the newly founded body created the golden trophy to honor performances by the industry’s leading actors, actresses and directors.

An art director from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, Cedric Gibbons, was selected to design the statuette — the figure of a knight standing on a reel of film, his hands gripping a sword.

From these humble beginnings was born an award that would become a global symbol of excellence.

The first Academy Awards were held on May 16, 1929 at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel.

They consisted of a simple dinner banquet attended by around 270 guests and Fairbanks handed out the 15 statuettes in just 15 minutes.

Ironically, the birthplace of the Oscars is just a short stroll from the Kodak Theatre, where more than 3,300 stars and Hollywood powerbrokers will gather for Sunday’s 80th annual Academy Awards ceremony.

Around 50 Oscars will be handed out during the glittering three-hour show, which over the years has expanded into a global spectacle with a red-carpet arrivals line that has become the world’s most glamorous fashion show.

Since the first awards ceremony, around 2,500 of the trophies have been handed out in an awards ceremony that has become bigger, glitzier and more glamorous over the years, with the exception of wartime shows.

The early editions of the statues were bronze, but during the World War II metals shortage, the trophies were made of plaster. Those were later redeemed for the now gold-plated ones.

The trophy, standing 34 centimeters (13.5 inches) tall and weighing 3.85 kilos (8.5 pounds), wasn’t always called an Oscar, but his form has not changed since his birth, except when his pedestal was raised 1945.

But the origin of the statuette’s nickname is unclear.

One legend has it that Academy librarian and eventual executive director Margaret Herrick thought it resembled her uncle Oscar and said so. Her staff began referring to it as Oscar.

Oscar-winner Bette Davis claimed she thought of the name because the nude statuette had a rear end that reminded her of the derriere of her husband Harmon Oscar Nelson.

Hollywood columnist Sidney Skolsky used the name in a 1934 column in referring to Katharine Hepburn’s first best actress win, but the Academy itself did not use the nickname officially until 1939.

Carried initially by radio, the Academy Awards were first televised in 1953 in black and white, making the jump to color in 1966.

In the early days, there was little suspense, as the results had been given to newspapers in advance for publication after the ceremony.

The invitation-only awards ceremony, which is now watched by up to one billion television viewers in more than 150 countries, has never been cancelled, though on rare occasion, the show was postponed.

Ceremonies were delayed in 1938 because of heavy flooding in Los Angeles, in 1968 after the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, and in 1981 after the assassination attempt on one-time actor and then-president Ronald Reagan.

But just four days after the US-led war in Iraq erupted in 2003, the 75th anniversary edition of the show went ahead as scheduled, with only one nod to the circumstances — a smaller, more somber red carpet show.

Oscar has moved frequently over three-quarters of a century, shifting from hotels to venues such as the Dorothy Chandler Music Pavilion and the Shrine auditorium.

But in 2002, the Academy moved Hollywood’s biggest event into the new custom-built Kodak Theatre, a state-of-the-art auditorium in the heart of Hollywood, where Oscar was born

Prince William and Kate Middleton Refuel Engagement Rumors

15 10 2007

by Chris Georg 15:32, October 15th 2007

Prince William and Kate Middleton Refuel Engagement Rumors

Prince William’s long and rocky relationship with Kate Middleton is once again rumored to be leading to an engagement announcement as pictures of Middleton while out shooting with Britain’s Prince Charles were printed in Sunday newspapers, reflecting her growing acceptance in royal circles.

The photos, which were taken recently while William and Kate traveled to Scotland on vacation at Queen Elizabeth II’s private Balmoral country estate with Prince Charles and the duchess of Cornwall, also mark the first time Charles and Kate were photographed together.

“This is a hugely significant step for Wills and Kate’s relationship. This visit indicates how Kate if fully integrated into the royal way of life,” a source said. “But more importantly it shows Prince Charles and Camilla fully accept her.”
“There is no way Prince Charles would waste his time teaching Kate to shoot if he didn’t think she was going to use it in the future,” Ingrid Seward, the editor of Majesty magazine, wrote in the News of the World newspaper.

“Kate has not put one step wrong and if these pictures are anything to go by she doesn’t intend to do so.

“For Kate to be invited to join the party is an honour, especially with Prince Charles in charge, and it means her relationship with Wills has reached another stage.”

Sporting a camouflage jacket, jeans and knee-high boots, Kate is shown lying in the grass in the approved style alongside the Prince of Wales, as she aimed at a target.

William’s mother, Princess Diana, who died in a tragic accident ten years ago, became engaged to Prince Charles just a month after she killed her first deer on a similar hunting jaunt.

Obviously, their long hunting weekend didn’t go unnoticed by animal-rights groups who harshly criticized their trip.
“I don’t think the Royal Family does itself any good whatsoever by doing this,” Barry Hugill of the League Against Cruel Sports said.

“Charles and his son have an appalling record of slaughtering animals for fun and it’s terribly sad that William is introducing his girlfriend to such a barbaric and unacceptable pastime.”

“It’s so sad that it almost seems necessary that she must kill animals to be an acceptable member of the royal family,” he added.

The pair, who met while at St Andrews University, broke up suddenly earlier this year after a four-year relationship. Rumors of their reconciliation started circulating after they were both seen at the same public events, including the Wembley memorial concert for Princess Diana. However, William and Kate made their official appearance as a reunited couple last week, when they were involved in a paparazzi chase as they left a London nightclub.

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Diana car ‘may have had a bump’

15 10 2007
Princess Diana

Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997

Princess Diana’s Mercedes may have suffered a “bump” with another large, dark car as it entered the Paris tunnel where it crashed, witnesses have said.Jean-Claude Catheline and his wife Annick told the inquest into the deaths Diana and Dodi Fayed they saw two cars enter the tunnel side-by-side.

They heard the sound of a collision as they walked near the underpass entrance in the early hours of 31 August 1997.

Speaking via videolink, they said they heard tyres screech moments later.

The couple, who were speaking from Paris, told the inquest sitting at the High Court in London: “As soon as the car disappeared from our view we heard what sounded like the bodywork bumping, I think that this noise was before the car entered the tunnel.”

‘Screeching’ tyres

An excerpt from his original police statement was read to the court by Richard Horwell QC.

The statement read: “Almost immediately I heard a second noise, very, very loud, quite different from the first, it was a dull noise and followed by a second, identical noise.”

And, as he addressed the court, Mr Catheline said: “I heard the tyres screeching on the road.”

The couple had been walking back to their car from the Eiffel Tower nearby following a night out when they witnessed events moments before the accident in the Pont de L’Alma tunnel that killed the princess and her lover.

‘Very fast’

Mrs Catheline told the court: “When they were already in the tunnel, under the bridge we heard noises like two cars bumping each other.”

Her son-in-law – David Le Ny – who had been with the couple, along with their daughter, remembered seeing a large dark car speeding towards them into the tunnel.

He said: “It was going very fast, I remember the noise coming from the engine… I certainly made a comment, stating that they were crazy or something like that.”

Britney ‘threatened suicide’

15 10 2007

Britney Spears told Kevin Federline she was going to drive off a cliff, according to a newspaper report.

The troubled singer apparently phoned her ex-husband and threatened to plunge from the steep drop below LA’s Mulholland Drive.

She is said to have exclaimed: “I’m going to drive off the cliff! It’s going to be your fault that I killed myself.”


A source explained to the News of the World: “Britney blows hot and cold. No one knows what’s going through her mind – especially her.”

A court recently awarded primary custody of their children Sean Preston and Jayden James to Federline. It came amid rumours that Spears has a drink problem.

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Spears - Troubled

Lohan blows $7m on partying in one year

15 10 2007

Lindsay Lohan reportedly spent $7 million on partying in the last year alone, it has been revealed.

The ‘Mean Girls’ actress, who recently checked out of a rehab facility, allegedly spent $1 million on clothes, as well as $500,000 on nights out, a personal chauffeur and on a hotel suite at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Between 2006 and 2007, Lohan also paid $137,000 for her treatment at the Cirque Lodge facility in Utah and $350,000 on legal fees for her two arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol.


A source told UK newspaper the News of the World that she has now been forced to move back to Hollywood so that she can earn some of the money back, saying: “Lindsay doesn’t have much choice as she is totally broke. The only reason she’s coming back to LA is to earn some hard money, fast.

“She still thinks nothing of blowing thousands of dollars on a single night of partying.”

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Lohan - Reported to be 'totally broke'